Benefits of tire storage

With storage locations becoming limited and an increased demand for tire storage due to people’s limited personal storage space, a tire storage company in the city of Montreal is a fantastic solution for commercial businesses and their customers alike. With Pneus en Vacances, car dealerships and garages no longer need to worry about their own storage space being occupied by customers’ tires and the stresses of sorting through piles of tires is no longer a thought. Pneus en Vacances takes care of all of that! By using a sophisticated and easy-to-use tire storage software, we will come pick up and deliver the requested tires. Companies can then track the tires from the moment they are removed from their customers’ cars all the way until they reach Pneus en Vacances’ tire storage facility. Pneus en Vacances offers a quick, secure, and hassle-free way of maximizing tire change services to your customers, without needing to worry about storing the tires after they are removed.

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- Use tire storage as a means of increasing your sales and customer retention - Reduce your insurance costs and decrease liability

- Gain more usable space without the fuss of where to store all those tires

- Tire pick-up and drop-offs are done quickly and efficiently with minimal work on your end

- Hassle-free tire storage solution so you can focus on other jobs - 24-hour surveillance keeps your customers’ tires safe - Quick and secure service allows you to track and locate the tires as they get delivered and stored - Customers no longer need lug their tires in and out of their homes and cars Keep your customers safe by increasing the life of their tires in a cool, clean, and dry environment

- Let your customers drive with confidence as our easy-to-use tire storage software inspects each tire and informs you when your customers need to replace them