• Q: How does Pneus en Vacances work and how do we get set up?
    A: One of our team members will work with you for a quick and easy setup. After you
        request the tires needed for your customers, we will locate them and drop
        them off at your facility within 48 hours or less. We will then take back the other
        set of tires and store them for you at the Pneus en Vacances location nearest you.

    Q: How secure is your location?
    A: Our storage locations are fully insured, climate-controlled, and equipped with
        24-hour video surveillance and motion recording.

    Q: How does your software work?
    A: We have a secure and sophisticated scanning technology to monitor the inventory of
         every tire set. The location of the tires can be tracked for security and efficiency
         purposes. You can easily know when your tires are on the way!

    Q: We are a Montreal car dealership, can we get your services?
    A: Yes! Our system is integrated with the majority of DMS systems which enable users
        to book an appointment with their customers, triggering our system to come pick up
        and drop off the desired tires automatically. We also take email and telephone

    Q: How quickly will tires be delivered to our desired location?
    A: We will deliver tires to your facility within 48 hours or less.

    Q: My customer has a scheduled tire change at my dealership today but I forgot to
         request a tire pickup, am I able to come and pick up their tires on-site?
    A: Yes! We will prepare the tires as quickly as possible. Contact us at (514)-213-3443
         for the Pneus en Vacances location nearest you.


       Q: How much does your service cost?
         A: Contact us for details and one of our representatives will be happy to discuss the
               different tire storage options and packages that are right for you and your business!

         Q: What are your business hours?
          A: We are open Monday to Friday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Contact us for tire
                     season hours on Saturdays.